I'm Torie True and my first cookbook - Chilli & Mint: Indian Home Cooking From A British Kitchen was published November 2021 by Meze Publishing. You can order it now by pressing the link.

It contains over 100 accessible step-by-step recipes and beautiful full-colour photographs

“Beautiful, colourful, and essential for any kitchen.”

Suresh Pillai

Head Chef Hoppers London

I hope the book will find a permanent home in the kitchen of anyone who is interested in food and spice (but not necessarily spicy food!) or the intricacies of Indian home cooking. It contains over 100 accessible step-by-step recipes and beautiful full-colour photographs. I share plenty of tips and tricks for successful dishes, alongside a wealth of information on Indian spices, suppliers, kitchen equipment, fresh ingredients, and menu ideas.

Where this book sets itself apart is the omission of standard ‘curry house’ favourites. Instead, I have built up my knowledge by travelling in India and learning first-hand from my husband’s Indian family. These are recipes that Indian families cook in the home on repeat. They are mostly easy, delicious, and healthy. Highlights include Indian Savoury Doughnuts, Pomegranate Raita, Dill Dal, Crispy Cumin Potatoes, Mussel Molee, Homestyle Bengali Chicken Curry, Beetroot Paratha, and a wide range of vegetarian dishes (this is the largest chapter in the book). For those with a sweet tooth, there is also a chapter on desserts that are mostly British but with an Indian twist, such as Tropical Pavlova with Cardamom Cream, Chocolate, Chilli, and Cinnamon Fondants and Strawberry and Black Pepper Kulfi. This is a collection of recipes to make time and again, based on dishes that are cooked every day in home kitchens across India. Chilli and Mint takes readers on an informative and intoxicating journey from breakfasts worth getting up for, comforting dals and punchy chutneys to sweet and savoury treats, staple Indian breads, and spice blends.

About The Author

Torie True

Torie True is a food writer, home cook and cookery teacher of Indian food. She has learnt her craft over the past 20 years from her travels to India as well as her husband’s Indian family who are based in the UK and Kolkata. She is passionate about cooking with spices and aims to instil this love and enthusiasm in those who attend her popular Indian cooking classes. In many respects she acts as a bridge between East and West cuisine, helping the uninitiated to navigate Indian cuisine and encouraging everyone to bring a little more spice into their diet for flavour, health, and happiness. For the last 11 years, Torie has written the food and travel blog to chart her forays into cooking with herbs and spices, as well as her travels overseas.

She has written articles for a range of food magazines, newspapers and online publications and is a member of the Guild of Food Writers. You can also find her on Instagram @chilliandmint. Torie lives in London with her husband and two daughters. 

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